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Kimiko's stepfamily leaves for the ball.

What do they think I am? Some monk in China? Kimiko eventually hears someone knocking at the door. When she answers it, she meets a bald boy with nine dots at his forehead. Kimiko wonders what kept Rai from coming in person but hopes to have a chance to hear it from Rai at the ball. Omi then takes Kimiko to the palace, where Rai is waiting for her. And a girl. At the ball room, Clay and Keiko are happily dancing while her sisters are unhappy that Prince Raimundo isn't there to dance with either of them.

Jessie, on the other hand, has even less chances that Kimiko. She looks like Clay on a dress. Their conversation is interrupted when they see Prince Raimundo and a beautifully dressed girl enter together. Ashley and Dreyfus follow them. They keep dancing until almost midnight, when they hear a broken twig. Ashley and Dreyfus reveal themselves. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Xiaolin Showdown. Kimiko is the main protagonist of this new Cinderella version.

Will Kimirella meet her beloved Prince? Balls and Preparations Wuya and her daughters return home but not without noticing Rai leaving it. You don't even have a dress. Prince Raimundo. A nearly silent clank, but there's nothing wrong with my hearing. I froze. Then above me a dark shadow loomed over me, against the starry sky. I dared look up at the awful outline of a square shaped body.

Then- oh, the horror - two burning LED eyes, a sickening yellow. It was one of Jack's ship bots. And kill-crazy as heylin devices are. I was numb, naturally, but alert. Another click as Jack's robot's blades revealed from it's makeshift arms for a sudden ambush. I sensed the gas expelling from it as it fixed to hyper-drive.

Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu (Kung Fu Cult Master) (1993) Movie Script

And there I was just below, with nothing between us but thin night air. A horrid crack from its inner wires arched above me from the hurdling, glowing android. It's blades stretched out towards me, it's circling saws twinkling by the starlight. I went blind and deaf for an instant.

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In my mind's eye flashed an awful scene of my own limbs ripping from my body. The deck was slick but I am quick. I had to get back inside the ship. Otherwise I could be chased off this pitching deck and into the fathomless sea. The android lost a moment, wondering where I went. A door fanned,and I made for the door, swerving. Trying to stay on blind spots of an android is uphill work.

I shot through the door into the ship, hoping it would swing shut onto the metal face - slam it one, cracking a glass eye. But luck was not with me. It was through that door and on my ass. Now I ran at random.

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I might have been headed anywhere, even onto the ballroom floor around all those heylins. Instead, I seemed to skim over the carpet of a corridor. It was a deck nearly as grand as Chase Young's royal suite. Maids bustled from door to door, carrying bed linens. I fled too fast to be acknowledged as xiaolin. But they couldn't miss the huffing robot.


With any luck, a maid would deactivate it. It wasn't to be.

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I picked the first closed door, and was in it in a flash. Without a second to spare. If robots could open doors, there'd be fewer xiaolin. Far fewer. Clanking issues from the corridor side. I seemed to smell hot gas even through the solid door. The chattering metal rattled in my head.

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I sagged there, gathering myself. The cabin before me was shrouded and dim. But darkness is nothing to void. Another door was cut into one of the walls, so this must be part of a suite, possibly a grand one. Starlight showed through a porthole. Beneath it was a bed, a small one. I crept my way there and I sat on the side of the bed. Maybe I thought I'd be safer there, this far from the clanking door.

I wasn't All manner of strange shapes littered the bed.

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Before I could make sense of them, light flooded. A hand had switched on the electrified lamp. Somebody was in the bed. I liked to have fainted. I ducked down and froze, of course, one hand drawn up, my eyes staring from halfway under the bed now. Two eyes stared back, small hazel ones above thin pale cheeks. It was a little girl. Tiranny, the heylin princess of Cambodia. Six years old and possibly a handful. She may have sensed me sitting on the side of her bed.