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The best thing about these early goings is Harrelson, who digs into the messianic, Colonel Kurtz-like nature of his villain with oddball glee. But roughly halfway through The Duel , the audience learns what all the ponderous symbolism and portentous hints are about, and the reveal is pure exploitation-film cheese. The trashy twist actually threatens to take things in a more interesting direction, as the film briefly and sporadically makes lurid, campy fun out of brutal violence.

Attempting to transform predictable material into ambitious, unusual storytelling is always an admirable and welcome goal, but here, the tactic backfires: The unsubtle paces of a colorful genre yarn feel more inspired than the tortured drama. The A. Reviews Movie Review.

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Alex McLevy. When Kingston arrives in town, the townsfolk act cold and hostile towards him, with the exception of Brant, who is smitten by Kingston's wife, Marisol. Kingston hides his identity and purpose from Brant, appearing as a wandering traveler.

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Brant offers him the role of town sheriff, which the newcomer hesitantly accepts, hoping the position will cover him long enough to carry out his real investigation. While Kingston explores the town and investigates the nearby Rio Grande for bodies, Brant manipulates a weak-spirited Marisol into becoming dependent on him.

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Marisol becomes Brant's willing consort, and betrays her husband's secrets. Kingston eventually learns Brant's secret - that he is abducting Mexicans to serve as prey for rich foreigners to hunt. During the fight, Kingston is badly wounded before he kills Isaac. Kingston escapes, and frees a number of captured Mexicans from the remote prison compound, including Maria Calderon.

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Suffering from his knife wounds, Kingston hits Brant in a shootout while near the isolated compound, then pins Brant's leg under a boulder. When Kingston passes out, Brant cuts his own leg off and crawls to the wounded man. As he is about to cut Kingston's throat, Maria reappears and shoots Brant dead.

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David dumps Abraham's body in the Rio Grande near the dead scalped Mexican woman. The Mexican general is grateful to David for getting Maria back. When men went back to the town and the prison, they found the town abandoned and no sign of the prison at all.

David is last seen riding off into the brush alone, staring up at the tree where Naomi was hanged from earlier. During , a number of actors were attached to the film.

'The Duel': Film Review

Adam Rosenfelt and Maureen Meulen would finance the film and co-produce through their Atomic Entertainment. The filming began on September 15, , in Greenwood, Mississippi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.