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'Religions resemble each other in their diversity'

He gave the world-renowned Gifford Lectures, For a generation to come, anyone setting out to explore the subtle relationships between science, religion, ethics, and technology will begin with Barbour as the guide. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 25 new copies. Book Description HarperOne. Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. HarperCollins Revised ed. Language: English. Brand new Book.

Barbour - the premier scholar in the field - has added three crucial historical chapters on physics and metaphysics in the seventeenth century, nature and God in the eighteenth century, and biology and theology in the nineteenth century. He also added new sections on developments in nature-centered spirituality, information theory, and chaos and complexity theories.

Professor Peter Harrison

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– Professor Agustin Fuentes Gifford Lecture Series | Gifford Lectures Blog

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  4. Seller Inventory BBS Religion and Science Gifford Lectures Series. Publisher: HarperOne , But what kind of transformation is it and where? Surely theology today needs to ask this question. His vote of thanks can be found below.


    Triumphing over our snow and rain, he has stimulated us to further reflection on the perennial and pressing question of what it is to be human. What might we take away from these lectures? Professor Fuentes delivered his sixth and final lecture earlier this evening. An audio only version can also be found at the end of this post. In order to further facilitate discussion Dr Julia Feder and Dr Tom Uytterhoeven will offer their initial reflections. Fuentes opened his final lecture by reminding us of some of the key themes that developed in the previous five, with a focus on belief and the human niche.

    But that very success has brought us to a point in time with potentially catastrophic repercussions for humanity, other species, and the globe. Professor Fuentes delivered his fifth lecture earlier this evening. New College from Princes Street. Photo courtesy of Taryn Clausing. For outsiders, anthropology is a curious discipline. In one academic department there may be a scholar who studies the culture of coal miners in West Virginia, an archaeologist working on the layout of an Aztec site, and a biological anthropologist examining the genetics of long-dead human ancestors.

    What brings us together over the coffee machine is our desire to understand what makes us human.

    Prof Dame Mary Beard - Them and us

    Fuentes touches on these themes by noting how complex and multifaceted the human story is, asking us to consider why we believe and how that belief effects our lives. Something I took away from these talks is that answering why is often harder than answering how. In fact, while many of us devote our academic lives to questions of where we come from, we rarely ask what it means in the larger sense. By continuing discussions such as these Gifford Lectures, we can foster new interpretations and, more importantly, continue to bridge the divides that often exist between the sciences and the humanities.

    Professor Fuentes delivered his fourth lecture earlier this evening focusing on how humans changed the world. In order to further facilitate discussion Adam Marshall and Jack Williams will offer their initial reflections. In this lecture he began to focus on how it is that we believe. Professor Fuentes delivered his third lecture earlier this evening focusing on how humans changed the world. In order to further facilitate discussion William L Atkins will offer his initial reflections.

    Live Discussion of the Edinburgh Series

    Fuentes began his third lecture by articulating various ways that our human niche developed, with a specific emphasis on the more recent phase of our human history and its unique developments. New College, University of Edinburgh 28 February, It is with regret that we have now cancelled the Gifford Lecture that had been due to take place tomorrow evening, Thursday 1 March.

    We do apologise for the late notice of this cancellation and for the disappointment this will undoubtedly cause.