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The job was short-lived only three months , but the friendship lasted. A decade later, Goldberg approached Shellhammer with the idea of Fabulis. At that point, Goldberg had already founded Jobster and Socialmedian which he sold to Xing in December He was ready for his next startup, and when he moved to Germany with Xing in , he realized that there was no online travel reviews resource tailored for gay individuals who were living or traveling abroad. Not only did Shellhammer have a great sense of design he went to Parsons School of Design and worked at Design Within Reach and Blu Dot , but he had been an editor for gay and lesbian news blog, Queerty, where he would frequently write about similar content Goldberg envisioned for Fabulis.

But one thing is clear when talking to both of them: Jason implicitly trusts Bradford when it comes to design, and Bradford implicitly trusts Jason when it comes to all things business and technology. Shellhammer was at a breaking point after a year of developing and operating Fabulis. And interestingly, the one small feature of the network that did get attention and helped energize Shellhammer through some of the tough times during Fabulis was a weekly deals offer that he curated.

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These ranged from magazine subscriptions and clothing to food and furniture. Fabulis kept iterating, and adding new features, and nothing was really working besides deals. At the beginning of , Goldberg and Shellhammer were commiserating over alcoholic beverages about what to do next with the business. As the duo poured their sorrows into their drinks, they realized that the one part of the site that was actually doing well — the deals — could be combined with their love of design.

And he quickly realized that there was no one doing this, and that they had the opportunity to create the one place where you can find handpicked, well-designed objects that were hard to find. By February, Goldberg and Shellhammer decided to shut down Fabulis completely to focus on the new Fab.

Goldberg had actually already bought the domain name Fab. Shellhammer says he went into the funding meeting at a place of complete confidence about what he and Goldberg were building. Goldberg and Shellhammer offered to give each investor their money back but the duo happened to be very convincing, investors wanted in, and the board meeting lasted only 20 minutes.

Howard Morgan, a partner at First Round Capital and early investor in Fabulis and then Fab, believed in Goldberg and Shellhammer for a variety of reasons.

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The duo also had tons of energy and First Round was impressed with what they had done on a shoestring budget when they raised the seed round for Fabulis. And another appeal to the pitch was that Goldberg was using metrics as a benchmark before launching — Goldberg wanted to attain at least , sign-ups before launching. On March 9, Fabulis officially shut down, and Goldberg set out to get his sign-ups. The startup put up a placeholder page with a sign-up for member emails.

Within 30 days, 50, people signed up to receive daily emails about Fab sales. Between outreach in the tech, fashion and design communities, Fab has started to create a decent set of potential users. To keep people engaged in April and May, Fab would send email surveys every couple of weeks to signed up users about what categories they like, and as an incentive to participate, Fab offered the opportunity to win a product.

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Within two months, the membership grew to , users with zero sales. Fab officially launched on June 9, , with four sales. When he envisioned what people would want to buy, he thought of himself and what items would get him fired up to actually make a purchase. Jen Murse, the founder and designer behind jewelry brand Plastique , was one of the first merchants to sell on the e-commerce site.

She adds that she loves using the site as a purchaser, as well. The next step after launching the site to the public was to have the most beautiful, social site around, he adds, as well as to develop operations and customer service. Goldberg says this funding allowed Fab to grow from 15 employees to staffers. By September, Fab was growing revenue by 40 percent from August. Goldberg realized he was onto something big when Fab hit 1 million members in November. He explains that Amazon is ecommerce 1.

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So what does Fab do to differentiate itself? And customers are loyal—67 percent of daily purchases are from repeat buyers. Fab knows its audience. Adopters have an age range between , and most are between , with 70 percent of the audience female. Second, Goldberg and Shellhammer have had a steadfast focus on building a long-term brand vs. Another product area where Fab has made a huge bet is social commerce. Social sharing now drives 50 percent of membership sign-ups, and sharing is also a key component of driving sales within the site.

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Goldberg added that this has also been a big driver for sales over the past year. Today, Fab is debuting its holiday shopping experience. A new Social Strip provides a constantly updating feed of the most recently trending activity on Fab, showing what people are buying, favoriting, sharing on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. To date, Fab says people who visit the Fab Live Feed convert to purchasers twice as often. Fab has also placed mobile as an early focus, with the launch of iOS and Android apps shortly after launch in June. Every few months since then, Fab has updated its apps with new features, including search , a new UI, browsing features and more.

Purchase rates on mobile off the charts, says Goldberg, and Fab is seeing 7.

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  8. Now, Fab says that forty percent of revenue comes from mobile a few weeks ago, this was at 30 percent. Allow the dress to hang naturally. At this point, the dress should be open with the ties hanging freely. One side may feel longer than the other. Locate the slit on the side seam.


    It can be on the left or the right, depending on which version you have. This slit will be invisible once the dress is properly tied. For the purposes of these instructions, the slit is on the right. Insert the end of the tie into the side slit and pull it through firmly until the dress begins to hug your body on the left side.

    Let the tie hang from the slit on the right side. Take the right side of the dress and place it over the left while holding the tie from the end closest to the dress in your left hand. Cross the ties at the center of your back and switch hands. Hold firmly so that you do not drop the ties and have to begin again. Now the ties should be in opposite hands.

    Tie the free ends in a knot or bow at the front or side of the dress--whichever feels more comfortable.