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The three-foot putt is as important as the yard drive. Horace G.

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Two rounds a day are plenty. Featured Guides. Matt Castonguay. You might also like. Tips for Better Practice on the Range.

Search Search for:. Tweets by thescga. Make sure that it is completely out of sight, especially if you are one who has a late-night sweet tooth. This way, the candy will not even be opened until it is time to give it away. Stock up on healthy food. Fill your cabinets and fridge with healthy food. Just because it is healthy does not mean it has to be boring — but ensure that you are stocked up with all of the healthy nutrients that will keep you full throughout the day.

Drink a lot of water. The more water you drink and more hydrated you are, the less you will feel cravings for sweet treats such as Halloween candy.


Make an effort to drink the proper amount of water from the moment you wake up until you end your day. Eat meals before festivities. Before Halloween parties, make yourself a big, healthy meal that you can eat before you go. This way, once you arrive to the party, you will not be starving and will be less likely to fall off track. It is important to note that being fit and eating clean does not mean that you must deprive yourself of all of the delicious treats that everyone knows and loves!

Stay active , stay hydrated and simply watch your portions. Next time you are out on the course, your body will thank you and so will your game play! Learning to play the game of golf, or regularly playing it, in the summertime is a great way to get your head in the game and learn the ins and outs of what you can and cannot do. The days are nice and long, the sun is shining and bright for the majority of the day, and there are very few weather conditions that can stop your roll.

However, once the fall comes along there are some things you should know about playing golf in the chillier weather. We have listed out some of the top things that you should keep in mind when playing golf in the fall, including what you will learn along the way:. If you are a golf lover, you know that golf is much more than just a sport. Learning the rules of golf and all of the tips and tricks that go along with it not only benefit you on the course, but personally and professionally as well.

There are many different things that the game of golf can teach you, which you can apply to several different aspects of your life. But, how exactly does golf benefit you on a personal or professional level?

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Here are a few different ways:. An entire day of golf can be exhausting, never mind multiple days in a row! As much as you would like to head straight for the couch, or your bed, after a long tournament, it is important to ensure that you are taking the proper steps to recovery for your body. If you have never spent time recovering after a game of golf, or even a few hours at the gym, here are a few ways that you can get started and be on the track to rest, and ultimately, getting back out there on the course!

Remember, everyone recovers in different ways, so listen to your body and focus on areas that you have the most problems with! After hours and days of practicing your golf game, you may feel like you have reached a plateau. You may be wondering how you can work to improve your game and what you can be doing in order to reach your ultimate potential. That is where getting fitted for custom golf clubs comes in! Although getting fitted for golf clubs is another expense to add to your list, it truly does make a difference when it comes to how well you will play on the course.

Fitted golf clubs will make your game easier by improving your distance and your accuracy. If we have sold you on fitted golf clubs, here is how you can go about getting them. Work with a professional golf fitter who will be able to help determine your current status when it comes to your game.

Are you a beginner-golfer? Are you more of a hitter or are you more of a swinger?

What’s the link between love and the heart?

Or, maybe you are somewhere in between? Once this is determined, the golf fitter will be able to assess what style of player that you are and what clubs fit best with that specific style. These golf fitters will study your swing, all the way from how you grip to your overall style of swinging. They will take the same type of club that you are currently using on the course, and have you try out different types of shafts, by weight, length, flex, etc. Then, they will accurately be able to determine which type of clubs are best for you, regardless of the exact brand.

Just how big a deal is it to play—and play well—during the PGA Tour's fall season? - Golf Digest

The best part is that it only takes a few hours, and you can choose what types of clubs you would like to be fitted for, whether it is just a driver, or all of them! Fitted golf clubs will greatly improve your game and are absolutely worth the investment! If there was any right time to splurge, the time is now. Why do you practice golf? Is it to add more distance to your swing? Is it to stay fit?

Regardless of why you choose to personally play golf, what you may not realize is that the more you improve upon your golf game, the more likely you are to develop the mindset to be financially stable throughout your life. But, how do these two things correlate? The characteristics and skills that are vital to your game, are also vital to you being successful from a financial standpoint. While we remained open for play for the duration of all of this, it has been a struggle to provide satisfactory conditions for our members and guests.

The month of May has brought over 15 inches of rain to Cog Hill. This total is well above the average of about 9 inches for the month.

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Not only were the courses flooded, but we lost over 20 significant large trees and the bunkers on all four courses were destroyed. The property was littered end-to-end with debris. Obviously when a property takes on that much water, even tasks as simple as mowing become a major challenge. It is an unfortunate circumstance when we would cause more harm than good by simply attempting to mow grass.

The next few weeks will be spent recovering from these endless rains and the Memorial Day storm.

The State Of Golf For 12222 -- An Industry Roundtable

Thank you in advance for your patience as we clean debris, cut and chip downed trees, repair bunkers, and hopefully start working toward a normal maintenance routine. Until then, we appreciate your patience and understanding of our situation. Our number one goal will always be to provide the best conditions possible for our members and guests.