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The first conclusion is ambivalent. The new distribution of roles between EU and member states opens up opportunities.

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The latter will be given more leeway but also responsibility in the design of their CAP strategic plans and their delivery systems. However, the arrangements for the proposed CAP strategic plan at Member State level do not adequately take into account the specific situation of federal states. The "focus on results" approach remains a rather empty buzzword. In essence, it is based of the already existing monitoring system.

  1. Bibliography of proposals for CAP post 2020 Feb 2017.
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The case of Mongolia Ravchigiin Samiya. The case of India Milind Murungar.

Trade, development and environment - the neglected inter-linkages in agriculture Marita Wiggerthale. Bringing sustainable rural development issues into the Agreement on Agriculture Marita Wiggerthale. Marita Wiggerthale. Annex I: WTO legal texts on aspects of sustainable development.

EM Germany Weekly Round-Up | week ending 19/06/2015

Annex III: List of participants of the workshop. Annex IV: Short presentations of the organisers. Breadcrumbs You are here: Home The WTO agrarian negations and nature conservation: towards sustainable rural development. Order number ISBN Pages Nominal fee 5. Agriculture has also made it possible for our landscape to develop and become diverse both in terms of species and structure.

Was ist eigentlich die EU-Agrarpolitik?

Yet these positive effects are only one side of the coin. Intensive agriculture, which provides us with plentiful cheap food, is the root of a gamut of negative impacts on the environment: loss of biodiversity, groundwater contamination, the degradation of soil, the deterioration of air quality, and climate change.

Bibliography of proposals for CAP post Feb – CAP Reform

The purpose of the KLU is to harmonise agricultural production with environmental protection. The need for action is urgent, not only because agriculture is a key reason that a number of environmental targets cannot be reached but also because farmers themselves are in a precarious position that is unsustainable in both economic and social terms: they are caught up in a dilemma of price erosion and expansion of production which threatens their very existence and leaves little room for consideration of environmental aspects.

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  • EM Germany Weekly Round-Up | week ending 19/06/2015.
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  • The expert group will focus both on how to achieve these goals as well as their actual achievement. Its staff includes:.