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From needing to take care of your significant other constantly to dropping things in your life to be with them, sometimes a relationship just isn't what you thought it would be. If all you're doing is taking care of your significant other, you may be in a toxic relationship. Winter shared, "Whether they're lazy or petulant, your life is not a peace until they get their needs met. You've unconsciously fallen into the habit of responding to their whims — not because you want to but because you're afraid of the consequences if you don't.

You're annoyed by everything they do

Therefore, managing their emotions is the only thing that guarantees your peace," she added. Consistently having to solve your partner's problems isn't a good sign. Warner Bros. Whether it's something small or more public, your partner always makes you clean up their messes. Winter said, "Your partner seems incapable of handling life on his or her own. So much so that they create ongoing problems for everyone when they do take action. The impact of your partner's poor decision-making affects you and your family.

You find yourself running to the rescue because someone capable has to intercede. Your job is set in stone," she added.

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If your relationship feels more like work than anything else, it's time to admit that it's parasitic. No matter what you do, it never seems like enough. Worse yet, all of the energy you put into your partner doesn't fix the underlying issues. You sadly discover 'your helping doesn't help,'" Winter explained.

The answer is often that they were ignoring problems that were staring them in the face.

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You trust each other — Trust is the essential foundation of any healthy relationship. Some people say that trust has to be earned over time while others believe that it is there at the beginning and only diminishes if someone does something to hurt or betray you. Whatever your standpoint it is vital that you trust your partner. Do you look forward to spending time with your partner?

Do you laugh and enjoy shared experiences? Although every couple will go through difficult times there should be lightness, joy and humour in a relationship in order for it to last. You can talk about anything and everything — Talking to each other openly and honestly fosters intimacy.

Some people find it very difficult to open up and share their feelings but practice over time will improve your skills.

The important thing is that you feel you can talk to your partner about things. You can argue well — All couples disagree sometimes and ideally arguments should be mutually supportive conversations which are necessary to resolve and negotiate differences and disagreements rather than hurtful battles which you try to win whatever the cost.

That way you know you will always be together because you want to be rather than because you need to be.

Life is unpredictable; people lose jobs, illness and accidents can happen but if you are flexible your relationship can survive, and thrive, through it all. It can add to the relationship if you can be supportive of them having a good relationship with their ex especially if kids are involved. Jealousy and insecurity in this area will erode a relationship because no matter what hurt has gone on in the past the parents of children have to find a way to communicate well with each other and your attitude will make a huge difference to this.

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It also shows you are secure in yourself. They are your number one fan — It may sound silly but it is really important that you feel that your partner thinks you are great and that they encourage, appreciate and support you. Not everyone is so demonstrative but you can tell by the way someone treats you if they think the world of you. This is also about feeling that they would speak well of you when you are not there.