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Not only might you have multi-language requirements, but also the solution must be localized to meet the tax and regulatory requirements of the new location. And finally, you need special functionality to handle multi- company financial and operational needs once you establish multiple legal entities. NetSuite is currently localized for eight different countries and has long been planning to expand to more.

Those plans have now been accelerated. With the new infusion of capital, it has an additional 22 on the drawing board. NetSuite has also been working on that added functionality. New features announced at SuiteWorld include new advanced intercompany journal entries, complete with a new auto-balance button and automated currency conversion.

These plans represent a lot of work ahead, but NetSuite is planning on adding a lot of new employees to pitch in and help. In fact in fiscal year which is starting soon , NetSuite plans to hire more people than were working at NetSuite in NetSuite first has to find the talent, train the new hires on its technology and its solution, and only then will they be productive.

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Once that happens, we expect the pace of development to increase sharply. But that pace will be needed in order to deliver on the additional plans NetSuite has laid out. NetSuite plans to more than double its data center footprint from five data centers globally to NetSuite expects to add a fourth North American data center in Chicago. As part of the global expansion plans, NetSuite will leverage existing Oracle data centers in Europe and Asia.

NetSuite expects to double its global presence, expanding from offices in 10 countries to 23 spread across the globe.

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The development centers will be able to accelerate the development of international, regional and local features and functionality within NetSuite OneWorld. We go back to the initial question posed: Does the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite represent more, more, more for NetSuite?

The answer is clearly yes. These announcements represent a massive expansion plan to accelerate its international growth. The expansion initiatives will enable Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit to launch more data centers, more field offices and more development centers globally, which will help to bring the suite to more organizations around the world.

This expansion will no longer be led by the US-based NetSuite customers, but instead by a carefully planned strategy. While NetSuite has poured as many resources as it could afford into developing the products, Oracle has deeper pockets and can also bring its own resources to bear in terms of products, people and global reach.

A commitment to strong and sustained investment in OneWorld functionality will enable international companies like us to continue to grow with NetSuite in the future. Thus far, it has had little impact on NetSuite employees, except to add strength to future plans. It is quite clear Oracle has set out to be the undisputed leader in cloud computing. The acquisition of NetSuite late last year certainly gave Oracle a big boost in meeting that goal. I have to admit this statement confused me a bit, since there are lots of software solution providers that have taken their on-premise solutions to the cloud, priding themselves in offering choice in deployment models.

But I with other, more pressing questions to ask, I never got clarity on this statement while I was at SuiteWorld.

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But that is obviously not all Oracle does. Oracle also provides infrastructure database and middleware and a development platform. And more recently it has ventured into the world of data as a service, recognizing data is an important key to unlocking better business outcomes. Oracle is the only company to offer all three infrastructure, platform and enterprise application software both on-premise and as a service.

Why is this significant? To quote Mr. The hybrid world will last a long time.

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While preferences for software deployments have shifted dramatically, there is still a lot of software installed on premise today and my research indicates it will take longer than a decade to replace it. While years ago ERP could have been called the last bastion of resistance to SaaS, this resistance has been dissipating quite rapidly over the past several years.

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We have been asking the following question for years now: If you were to consider a new solution today, which deployment options would you consider? Participants are allowed to select as many as they wish. A summary of aggregated answers is shown in Figure 1. We start in and skip every other year just to fit it on the chart.

SaaS is currently the option most likely to be considered and the willingness to consider traditional on-premise solutions dropped off dramatically between and This year we added a follow-on question, displaying back the deployment models the participant selected and asking which was the first choice. We asked our Mint Jutras Enterprise Solution Study participants to estimate the percentage of all business application software they have running in the cloud today and we also asked them to project that into the future.

So this begs the question: How will they get there? What path will companies take? Our and studies asked this question Figure 3. The results validate Mr. No single strategy dominated, but less than one in four operate predominantly in the cloud today. But we will likely revisit this question in or We anticipate that even those not anxious to make any move today might be influenced by the cloud momentum, as well as the growing number and variety of options available.

In the meantime, Oracle is building its own cloud momentum. Ellison is at least halfway to his goal. This includes 1, new SaaS customers and SaaS expansions. With the NetSuite acquisition, the number of SaaS customers grew from 13, to over 25, Yet interestingly enough, while you might think the differentiation of Oracle as the only IT company capable of supporting on-premise and cloud throughout the full stack might be most appealing to its existing customers, Oracle says most cloud customers are net new.

This bodes well for Oracle being able to grab more cloud market share. But it will be even more interesting to watch and see if this cloud momentum starts to permeate through its own installed base. This would serve to further accelerate cloud revenue growth. In fact Oracle presented one comparison between Oracle and Amazon Web Services AWS done by one of its customers, showing Oracle was three to seven times faster, at half the cost. And the workload portability to an Oracle data center should be simpler and easier because Oracle can offer a choice of deployment with the same software, the same APIs, and the same commercial terms.

It might involve lifting and shifting workloads to a public cloud, creating a new solution with PaaS or modernizing functions by moving to a new SaaS solution. The final journey is one of a new company or division or business unit , born in the cloud. Trek Bicycles is an example of one customer that created a new cloud solution to address a specific pain point: processing claims repairs. Retailers renting bikes in the mountains of Europe were rising early and getting in long before the shop opened simply to enter claims.

They needed a better way. So Trek created a cloud-based mobile app. Now, whether partners are in their shops or at a trade show or event, they login to TREK claim entry, send a photo, registration of the bike, and easily enter a claim in under two minutes. Trek is one example of this hybrid world.

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In the back office, it is running JD Edwards on premises. There is one more piece of the cloud puzzle, or rather one more step along the cloud journey.

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  • This one involves data — not the kind of data stored in and managed by Oracle enterprise applications, but the kind of data that lets you truly understand your industry and your customers. Oracle posed a good question during the Media Day: Would you rather spend money working on ERP or getting to know your customers better?

    This is a no-brainer for most companies. They would much rather invest time, effort and money directly in growing the business, rather than in back-office solutions that offer more indirect benefits. By tapping into the Oracle Data Cloud you take advantage of the investments Oracle has made, investments in companies like Moat , Blue Kai and Datalogix to make big data available to fuel marketing campaigns and strategic business decisions. Oracle has made very significant progress in attacking its goal of cloud domination through both organic development and acquisitions.

    And it adds DaaS as frosting on the cake. Before that happens, those customers will need to see the value of the move and be confident that Oracle is the best choice to get them there. Many companies today, including many Oracle customers, have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears not to mention dollars in their current on-premise implementations. They may be loath to make any changes, particularly if they are heavily customized. Mint Jutras has long been trying to change that way of thinking, preferring to treat it more like joint replacement.

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