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In this episode, David and Katie continue to explain the new iOS 11 and High Sierra features along with their experiences and recommendations following their use of the beta versions of these new operating systems. We also begin our discussion of iOS 11 starting with the best features for iPad users.

In this feedback episode, Katie and David cover listener questions, must-have iOS utilities, tagging, automation, and more feedback.

Finally, we discuss the Apple iPhone event scheduled for September Dan Moren drops in to chat about his experience publishing his first novel. We talk about all aspects of writing a book, including planning, writing, finding and working with a publisher and marketing his book after publication.

Following-up on our recent episode featuring utilities for the Mac; David and Katie decide to dive deep this week into their must-have utilities for iOS. Artist and geek Jason Kimes shares his favorite technologies and workflows for creating his sculptures. Brett Terpstra drink!

We discuss uses of tags, developing a tagging scheme, what you can do with tags, the turbulent history and hopefully bright future. Katie is about to celebrate her one-year business anniversary. In this episode, she shares the hardware, software, and workflows she's using to pull it off.

There are also a few hippie parts. We also answer questions on a variety of topics including lightning protection, starting a blog, how much iMac to buy, OCR accuracy, and follow up on Home Tech, must-have utilities and more. Shirantha Beddage. Writer, social media consult, and full-time geek Kelly Guimont joins the Mac Power Users to share her favorite Apple hardware, apps, and workflows. JF Brissette joins Katie and David to talk about the state of Screencasting on Mac and iOS, discusses the importance and uses of Screencasting, tools of the trade as well as tips and tricks.

Harvard Lecturer Teddy Svoronos returns to talk about how he's using his Mac and iOS devices for giving presentations, some very clever iOS automation techniques, and academic writing. Teddy and David also share some of their favorite apps for making music.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organise and add to your digital media collection.

Katie and David review the current state of Home Automation and the technology they use in their homes. We're releasing this show early due to the timeliness of the announcements. We'll return to our regular production schedule with our next episode on June 19th. Ed Cormany joins us to talk about regular expressions, how it works and practical applications. Liana Lehua shares her hardware and software setup, apps, and workflow for television production.

Clayton Morris returns to join Katie and David in sharing more underutilized iOS features, tips, and tricks. This week David and Katie take a good look at dealing with audio on your Apple gear. Topics include traditional music management, the best streaming services and why David loves them, podcast management, and playing audio in your car and home.

Myke Hurley joins Katie and David to discuss notifications.

Microsoft OneNote tutorial: Everything you need to know to start taking notes | PCWorld

We discuss how notifications have become a problem, dealing with distractions and wrangling the various notifications to optimize our devices. This week David and Katie cover some big questions including the Workflow app, secure cloud storage, email sharing, moving data, managing your network, and how they scan. Also, we learn that under no circumstances will David get access to Katie's Synology.

We catch up with Federico to discuss how he became an "iPad Guy", some of his favorite tips, tricks, and workflows on iOS, where there's still room for improvement, the future of iOS and more. Federico Viticci. A lot of Mac Power Users find themselves transformed into the job of IT manager for friends, family, and even co-workers. In this episode we dive deep on the best IT management tools how to get and get out of that job.

Our favorite snowman returns! We discuss the evolving definition of "pro" and "power user" as well as new workflows for managing text, creative uses for Keyboard maestro, managing Apple Mail and the Doc dives into the iPad. There is lots of feedback this time including listener questions, more on tin foil hats, calendar tips, maps, feedback, and how Katie's last presentation was smoking hot.

Sal discusses the history of Automation on the Mac, the possibilities for Automation on iOS and the tools and languages available to put the power in the hands of the user. Security and data privacy is a growing concern in our society. David and Katie put on our tin foil hats for this episode and discuss some of the best practices that can be implemented today for protecting your data from prying eyes. Note: This episode was recorded before the recent "Vault 7" leak. New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt joins in this week to share some ideas about technology and productivity.

Katie and David break down what's good and what's bad about the leading map, navigation, and location apps. David and Katie dive deep into calendars and discuss the various cloud calendar services, sharing, calendar apps, best practices, and scheduling services.

The complete guide to 24 coding bootcamps

He joins us this week to share some advice for manageing your home and work networks and devices. Ivan also frequently presents and has some great tips for speakers. We answer questions on a variety of topics including sending email later, managing a 16GB iPhone, RSS workflows, and more. We follow-up on DevonThink, the iPad as a Mac replacement, task management, personal cloud and share listener workflows, tips and tricks. This week Clayton Morris joins us to talk about some of our favorite unused and hidden iOS features.

Good stuff.

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Charles Perry, one of the organizers of the Release Notes conference, joins us to talk about turning his passion into a business, then a podcast, then a successful conference and the tools and logistics behind all of it. Katie and David cover some of the most common listener questions from the Mac Power Users email archive including backing up photos, task overload, Apple IDs, cold storage backup, moving your iTunes library, the differences between tasks and calendar items, and more.

Gabe Weatherhead returns to the show. We discuss what's new with the service, workflows and organization, machine learning, setup, sync and more. David gave up his laptop and went iPad only for several months and now shares both the joy and the agony. Katie and David follow-up on listener questions and feedback. Topics include direct attached storage, auto-mounting volumes, iPad mini vs. Katie and David! Ian Byrd is a former teacher and professional speaker who shares his workflows and tips for giving full-day lectures and workshops, writing, video production and more.

Katie and David share some of their favorite geek gift ideas for that special person in your life this holiday season … or maybe even yourself. Shelly Brisbin stops by to talk about Accessibility and gives us a run down of the various Accessibility features and options available on Mac and iOS, how they can be used, what developers can do to make their Apps more accessible and how we can help friends and family use these features. We discuss Family Sharing and how it may not be right for all families and answer listener questions on a variety of topics.

Katie and David have a lot of feedback this month on the iCloud vs. In this new App economy it seems more and more apps and services are going to a subscription pricing model. We talk about subscription pricing generally, tips for taming your subscriptions and the subscription services we use. Katie and David are joined by David Chartier to discuss whether or not Dropbox and iCloud are up to the task of cloud-based file storage.

David Chartier. We discuss what to do with Macs that Sierra has left behind, the problem with "free" software, Network vs. Direct Attached storage, listeners share their feedback on Amazon and tips for using Ulysses and Scrivener. Katie and David dive deep into the new features of macOS Sierra and discuss best practices for upgrading and some major incompatibilities.

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We also discuss the new watchOS. David and Katie dive deep on fiddly writing apps Scrivener and Ulysses. We talk about how these apps work, their features, the good, the bad and the best use cases. Catholic priest and geek, Gabriel Mosher, joins us to explain how he uses technology to get his work done. Topics include time and attention, research and writing, presentations, and project management. David and Katie share some of the most efficient productivity tasks and apps appropriate for the iPhone.

Topics include calendars and contacts, email, task management, scanning, writing, and additional utilities for productivity. David and Katie chat with John Voorhees about software development and writing for MacStories all while juggling a busy day job. Victor Cajiao discusses all the steps of producing a modern music album, we help troubleshoot an accidentally reformatted hard drive, discuss password schemes, using a ScanSnap for photos, share listener feedback on our Special Event and Keynote shows, discuss options for Evernote and share listener tips.

Katie and David dive deep in this one on the Amazon lifestyle. There are so many different services and features available from Amazon. Who can make sense of them all? Katie and David do in this episode. Keynote is a great app for giving presentations but it can do so much more. This episode explores many uses for Keynote beyond presentation day. Mac user, collector, and … yes … YouTuber Stephen Hackett joins in to explain essential cloud-based services used to run the Relay Network, his growing collection of Macs, and his photo and video workflows. David and Katie catch up on listener feedback.

Ruben shares how he uses his MPU workflows on his work PC, we discuss merging Apple IDs, cleaning up after being scammed, follow-up on iOS photography, family tech support and listeners share their tips and tricks. Katie and David talk through the tech required to plan and put on a special event.

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Topics including project planning, audio and photo slideshow workflows, and websites and social media. David and Katie go back to email specifically to discuss the state of iOS email clients, the various email apps they've used, what they like, what works, what doesn't and how they're managing email on iOS.

It discusses what Pomodoro is, the steps for getting started, apps that help you work with Pomodoro, who it works best for, integrating it with other productivity techniques, and additional reading. We all had a lot of fun together, and we hope that you might get some ideas about PKM and how it applies to higher education by listening to it.

It is about thirty minutes long.

Sometimes in cooking one throws together a casserole dish from whatever is in the refrigerator. Some of them have been useful, some less so.